The Brave Little Toaster Goes to HELL
Refusing to leave the Chemistry Classroom since some time in the mid '80s

biggest takeaway from Her: it’s better to have Amy Adams as your best friend than it is to have a disembodied Scarlett Johansson as your girlfriend

There’s a difference between appreciating puns and hailing every half-assed one as a work of irrefutable genius please pun wisely

This is bullshit

This is bullshit

YouTube is over

YouTube is over

People who were in the grade below me all through middle and high school are starting college that’s like at least three different kinds of fucked up

Oh yeah I forgot how I don’t have consistent Internet access at school
Hopefully this won’t suck too much

Why are they called “_______ react to” when they’re clearly let’s plays of real life

From what I understand Atlas Shrugged is about Ayn Rand wanting to fuck a train


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Five Minutes Watching Fred