The Brave Little Toaster Goes to HELL
Refusing to leave the Chemistry Classroom since some time in the mid '80s

Please get out of the station please your show is over

One of the nice things about They Might Be Giants is how even though Birdhouse In Your Soul was an outlier of a hit that isn’t wholly representative of their other work, they do also have a lot of songs that are great in the same ways that Birdhouse In Your Soul is great

I love Jenny Lewis but I think I prefer her sans Rilo Kiley

it’s so weird I always feel super christmas-y in october and then totally indifferent in december this is like maybe the eighth year in a row that this has happened maybe more

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If I were a musician my goal in life would be to get invited to perform on SNL and then only play Sinead O’Connor covers

U holdin up all right there queue

U holdin up all right there queue

anon was me. ur blog wasn't loading on the app so I went on safari

my blog confirmed to be too powerful for the app

The reason Lin and Suyin are half siblings is because they’re actually clones of Toph. Lin got all her dominant tough lady genes and Su got all her recessive goofball genes. Toph is Big Boss.


alright everybody on the ground and nobody fucking move. put the money in the bag and nobody gets hurt. this is a social experiment