The Brave Little Toaster Goes to HELL
Refusing to leave the Chemistry Classroom since some time in the mid '80s

If I ever go to a high school reunion I’m going dressed as Gary King, even though literally no one is going to get the joke

i dislike everything

not wishing people happy birthday on facebook is a really needlessly stressful/complicated/political thing like you forget a bunch of people’s birthdays and suddenly you’re like WHOA now I can’t wish ANYONE happy birthday because then I’m implying I care about them more than all those people I ignored

I’ve been looking for a chance to use the phrase “Fox News’ army of blonde homunculi” but none have turned up : /

"Having seen the next episode (which was originally supposed to air tonight), I can say that this season is even more ambitious than we initially presumed, and while we’re past the halfway point of this season, the storyline of Zaheer and the Bad Benders is building to something that can’t be contained in just five more episodes. The writers are playing the long game here, and they shouldn’t be rained out when they’re performing this well."


hoo boy



is weeaboos replacing the word ‘feels’ with ‘dokis’ a thing? please tell me thats not a thing.

watashiwa doki when no waifu

Why am I never doing anything fun

I missed tonight’s Korra and I am mad

Dobby Darko

Make me a tumblr meme 2k14