The Brave Little Toaster Goes to HELL
Refusing to leave the Chemistry Classroom since some time in the mid '80s

Why am I never doing anything fun

I missed tonight’s Korra and I am mad

Dobby Darko

Make me a tumblr meme 2k14

Let me seduce you with my knowledge of Scottish history. I’m assuming you’re turned on by centuries of borderline farcical heartbreak and frustration.

In-shape Chris Pratt is honestly terrifying

*watches ice cream cone melt on the sidewalk* haha i love science

I’m an old man now

I see a decent amount of knk on my dash but it’s only ever gifs and never anyone talking about it to any extent, which leads me to two possible conclusions:
a) this is the result of something having a fandom but not a “Fandom”
b) nothing actually happens in the show and it was engineered by an elite squad of anime scientists to generate as much Aesthetic as possible