The Brave Little Toaster Goes to HELL
Refusing to leave the Chemistry Classroom since some time in the mid '80s


Getting Your Head Blown Off: It’s TV-Y7 As Long As You Don’t Show The Body!

when’s book 4 anyhow

also I’m really glad they acknowledged “hey the queen’s still dead and the red lotus is still out there” bc having it be all “you did it! the red lotus is gone forever!” would definitely be book 2 level bullshit

Hhhhhhhhhnhhhh WOW

Hey whatever happened to Teo
Did Tenzin kick him out or something

"Did P’Li just… Die?"
“Y’know, it’s really unclear”

Lily/Snape is softcore James/Snape is where it’s at


five nights at freddy got fingered

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The app is refusing to load older posts and I think this has to do with what rage against the machine said about controlling the past and future or whatever